This is me, Joanna...

Hi, my name is Joanna.

I’m not a baker, a chef, nor stepped foot into culinary school, rather I am an analytical finance geek who loves food so much I wanted to share my love for it and my recipes to the world. 

I grew up in NYC, the concrete jungle, the melting pot of cultures which in turn makes NYC a mecca of orgasmic food from all around the world. Recently I packed up 2 suitcases, my cat, and moved my life to London for my true love, my husband. 

While reconstructing a new kitchen with gadgets and plates along with trying to impress my newlywed husband with my cooking, I started this blog. This is my first blog, and as it grows, I can only hope that my creativity and abilities in cooking and life grow along beside it. 

My love affair with food didn’t start from a family of cooks but instead it started from bad food. That might sound odd, but before all the awesome affordable restaurants popped up in NYC, cheap food meant bad food. After many trips to restaurants and leaving thinking I probably could make that same dish, and maybe better, so that’s exactly what I did.

I started with simple things, bought a cast iron skillet and went to town cooking, testing whatever I made on my friends and family. I knew it was more than average food when my parents would have me cook for family events and my friends kept my food in their memories years later. 

I never had any fancy equipment, stand mixers, a pot or gadget for everything, but it never mattered, because my grandmother never had those things and she was a very good cook. Improvising and learning to work with what you have is the heart of cooking, I use a wine bottle in place of a rolling pin, not only does it work perfectly, but you can always pour yourself a glass of wine in the process. My recipes are simple with basic ingredients, and their purpose is to create good food that will make your taste buds happy.

My husband Jacek is the official photographer (update: I’m taking my own photos now! after my guru taught me how), food critic, tech guru, and food taster for my blog. He has taught me a very important life lesson to not give up on things that I love. That I must keep going for one day I will stumble onto something terrific and that nothing is achieved sitting down and waiting for glory; you can’t make your dreams a reality if you are busy laying in bed waiting for them to occur.

There is a great quote by Dexter Yager “If your dream is big enough, the facts don’t count” as long as I had my dream to be a good cook, it didn’t matter how many other great chefs are out there. I’m still going to follow my dream to do something brilliant everyday, a goal to be better and better everyday, I want to share my dream and journey with you.