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A Perfect Thanksgiving – Preparation, Sides, Cranberry Sauce and the Turkey

As the song goes.. I’m back, back in the New York groove, except for the fact that I’m not in NY but I’ve got my groove back for blogging. Yes it’s been awhile and yes I don’t have a perfectly valid reason or explanation on why I stopped writing and sharing new recipes. Partly because I didn’t have any idea on what to cook anymore, I was stuck in a rinse and repeat cycle of the same recipes, the creative … Continue reading A Perfect Thanksgiving – Preparation, Sides, Cranberry Sauce and the Turkey

Fresh Orange Cranberry Sauce

Let’s keep this simple and let’s keep this short, put down the can of cranberry sauce and read this quick recipe. Why? Do you really want to eat that overly sweet, rigid shaped, who knows how long it’s been on the shelf cranberry sauce/jelly? If you do… ok… but just read on a little longer for my sake, maybe you might change your mind. Homemade cranberry sauce comes together in one small pot, a few stirs and your own taste … Continue reading Fresh Orange Cranberry Sauce

Spicy Mango Chicken

the recipe ↓ As you can tell from my last few recipes, I have been on an Asian food influence joy ride. To add I have also been craving those good old 5 for $1 pan fried dumplings from my Brooklyn neighborhood… dipped in a soy sauce and sriracha mixture. Besides wonderful strange cravings that have preoccupied my mind, job searching has also preoccupied my mind and I haven’t been sharing my recipes lately… I apologize for that traitor behavior…but alas … Continue reading Spicy Mango Chicken

Thai Green Curry Turkey Meatballs

Really random and really fabulous… the story behind this fantastic recipe… I went to make meatballs with the ground turkey which was in my refrigerator and didn’t have tomatoes to make a sauce. I started opening all my cabinets and quickly ran to the window to see that the corner bodega was closed, granted I just got home from work and it was past 11pm, I didn’t expect it to be open but knowing it was Friday I thought I … Continue reading Thai Green Curry Turkey Meatballs


Just a short time ago everyone was still in boots and heavy jackets, after all the complaining and torture, mother nature finally listened and started warming up everyone. In NYC there was a really brutal winter, in England it was just the opposite, sure we had tons of flooding rains, but it wasn’t nearly as cold as I expected (and I’m always cold). For the first time in a very long time I didn’t have to put on my snow … Continue reading Jambalaya

Strawberry Almond Cream Scones

Spring kicks off my addiction for local fruits, this addiction then rolls quickly into summer peaches, tons of watermelon, and of course my favorite, raspberries. The start of warm weather usually means the start of strawberry season and while picking up a package of fragrant local strawberries I noticed this clever note on enjoying them with some cream. Now in the states that usually means whipped cream, but in Europe, it means pouring cream all over them, sprinkling a tad … Continue reading Strawberry Almond Cream Scones

Watermelon Feta Arugula Salad

Can you feel the sun on your skin? Can you feel that chilly breeze getting warmer and warmer as the days get longer and longer, isn’t it fabulous? Somewhere between the bbq’s, beers, ice cream, smores, iced coffees, there are salads, tons of light summery fruity salads. Summer salads to me feel like a dip in the pool when it’s hot out, a perfect meal for a hot sunny day. They are filling without weighing you down, there is usually … Continue reading Watermelon Feta Arugula Salad

Peanut Butter Banana Protein Muffins

Summer is on its way, luckily most days in NYC are so hot all you want to eat is cold watermelon and cold beer, which is my +95 degree weather “diet” on its own… well minus the beer. After sitting in a cool office, sometimes too cold, I would pack up my bag and somehow my mind would trick me into thinking it was cold outside… yet as soon as I stepped out into the street I realized I could … Continue reading Peanut Butter Banana Protein Muffins

Turkey Coconut Curry

My cravings vary in weeks, some days I’ll make the same mundane food with nothing worth sharing (sorry guys), and some days I realize that I can make or attempt to make the food I miss at home. This turkey coconut curry recipe is from my Asian cravings week, it was a week of me cooking ramen soups, Thai mango chicken, curries, fried rice and several stir fries. One day, a coworker of mine, gave me an amazing packet of … Continue reading Turkey Coconut Curry

Caramelized Onion and Bacon Puff Pastry Bites

If you couldn’t tell by now, I really like incorporating puff pasty dough into my recipes. I can’t get enough of the buttery flakey bites, and lucky for me, every grocery store around here stocks it. The English are known to make savory puff pastries in the form of pies, in most supermarkets there is an aisle devoted to savory meat vegetable pies and sausage wraps. Since I have made so many sweets with puff pastry dough, I thought it … Continue reading Caramelized Onion and Bacon Puff Pastry Bites

Polish Zapiekanka – Mushroom Toast

Street food is an amazing part of every culture’s history, in the past it was common for people who did not have proper stoves for hot meals to purchase what was known as street food. Nowadays the convenience of street food for daily lunches or quick bites has almost become a necessity for everyday city life. To add street food has recently become so embedded in today’s culture as not only grabbing something to eat but it also revolves around … Continue reading Polish Zapiekanka – Mushroom Toast