Pork Schnitzel

Today is a day to bring me back to the old country. Even if I was born in New York my roots and my family are in Poland, so I can say old country when I please, right? yes. Many people think Polish food is heavy, some have called it “heart attack food” in all honesty there is much more to Polish food than fried pierogi, fried pork chops, mountains of potatoes covered in onions and bacon, and so on, … Continue reading Pork Schnitzel

Dark Chocolate Summer Berry Scones

Scones are an indulgent pleasure of mine. I could have them for breakfast or for a dessert. I prefer mine warm with jam and clotted cream. I have long been a scone lover, I would go to Alice’s tea cup in NYC for teatime after work with a friend, we would look at the finger sandwiches but in reality we both have a major sweet tooth. Besides the infinite list of tea they carried in the cutest pots, they always … Continue reading Dark Chocolate Summer Berry Scones

Spinach Soup with Croutons

Let’s get our green on, whatever it may be, energy, hybrid cars, juices and of course soups, oh and some green pants. I was never a huge fan of soup until I discovered Hale and Hearty soups by my office, the array of flavors, textures, and the most creative soups I have ever encountered. Soups are very comforting, filling, and best of all they help clear our your refrigerator at times when you need space for a huge pot of … Continue reading Spinach Soup with Croutons

Shoestring Garlic Herb Fries

May I profess my love for potatoes? Well I just did. I really do love them, I have a weak spot for roasted potatoes, mashed potatoes, french fries of any kind, gratin potatoes… Did I name enough reasons here to justify the potato? I haven’t but I’ll stop because I will get hungry and then I’ll make you hungry as well, yet that was the point of this blog right? (insert sneaky giggle)

Colombian Arepas

I have to admit… I love corn, corn chips, corn muffins, corn dogs, corn on the cob..anything corn basically, ifs its made out of corn… I’ll eat it. I have sinfully walked into Caracas Arepa Bar http://www.caracasarepabar.com/index_2.php many times for a hot corn arepa filled with pulled pork and fresh avocados. I think I need a moment to… stop crying… stop salivating….move on.

Portobello Mushroom Pierogi (Ravioli, dumplings)

Growing up in Brooklyn in the 80’s, as a kid, your idea of outdoor activity was playing cops and robbers in the street with many near misses of cars hitting you as you ran away. This was the Brooklyn version of tag…and well that’s all we pretty much had since our park was a danger zone for business trading, and non functioning sprinklers. In the summer we would take a lot of day trips to the real outdoors, grass and … Continue reading Portobello Mushroom Pierogi (Ravioli, dumplings)

Perfect Roast Chicken

Oh roast chicken where to begin, you beautiful little creature. I don’t know about you but most people I know fear, that’s right FEAR making a whole roast chicken. That was me, well kind of, when I watched someone season, stuff and smile their way into making a roasted chicken, everyone sitting around the table waiting, fork almost in hand, eager to take a juicy slither of meat or a crispy piece of skin, oh my! I’m getting hot just … Continue reading Perfect Roast Chicken