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A Perfect Thanksgiving – Starters, Soups, and Sweets

Yesterday we talked about the main stuff, the Turkey, and the sides… today I’ll quickly give you some ideas for starters, holiday drinks, soups and of course sweets, because it’s not the holidays if you aren’t ending a colossal meal with just as grand of a dessert.

So! Let’s begin shall we?

1. Drinks –  You can have a party without drinks but what fun would it be staring at a bottle of water on the table. It’s time to think sparkling, just like this season!

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2. Starters & Snacks – Even though the evening will be filled with tons of belt opening foods, you will find that your guests will arrive hungry and eagerly awaiting snacks before the main meal. This list might give you some make-in-advance ideas to keep on the table for turkey lurking individuals.

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3. Soups – Another great option for a starter choice is a nice bowl of warm soup. Here are some fall soups that might float your Thanksgiving menu boat.

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4. Sweets and Palate Cleansers- One of the most awaited dishes after the turkey, no matter how full you are… you always want dessert on Thanksgiving, it’s almost like a rule set in stone, you could have opened three notches on your belt but you don’t care… you will have pie!

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I hope everyone enjoys their Thanksgiving and I look forward to hearing about it! Let me know if you have tried any of these recipes listed or have some great ideas for me to try.


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