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Peanut Butter Banana Protein Muffins

Summer is on its way, luckily most days in NYC are so hot all you want to eat is cold watermelon and cold beer, which is my +95 degree weather “diet” on its own… well minus the beer. After sitting in a cool office, sometimes too cold, I would pack up my bag and somehow my mind would trick me into thinking it was cold outside… yet as soon as I stepped out into the street I realized I could … Continue reading Peanut Butter Banana Protein Muffins

Must Love Brunch

Must love cats?…Well yes all of those, but also Must Love Brunch, this delightful post contains what I feel are the essentials to a great brunch and some places I loved in Brooklyn for weekend brunches. Brunch is a perfect meal, it’s for those weekend or holiday days you get to sleep past sunrise, enjoy a pampering morning, some company, good laughs and slowly passing time. I would always sleep late, resist the morning coffee since I was holding out … Continue reading Must Love Brunch

Hangover Frittata Brunch

The title might say it all, but let me enlighten you how this awesome breakfast recipe got it’s name. It started the night before when my lovely husband was sitting up all night working on the back end of this blog for me. Its my first blog and I’m not a tech person, that’s where he comes in, that and being the official photographer of my food on this site…and lastly official food taster and food critic. Well it was … Continue reading Hangover Frittata Brunch

Fig Canapes

To me figs look like Love. I know that sounds strange, but they just do. It’s like a romantic movie or song or the love of your life in a fruit, it has a beautiful color on the inside, as if its made up of tons of little beating hearts. To add to it all, they taste as pretty as they look. That doesn’t really make sense, yet it does. They are rich, and sweet, and decadent … I mean … Continue reading Fig Canapes

Croque Monsieur / French Grilled Cheese

I haven’t been to France but I have dined at a few French restaurants and I can imagine this is what I would have for brunch the first day I would actually take a trip to Paris. Maybe I should go now…I mean I’m so close nowadays. Actually it’s too wet and cold, I’ll wait until spring hits, but for now I will indulge in creamy coffee along with a divine combination of ham and cheese, toasted to perfection and … Continue reading Croque Monsieur / French Grilled Cheese