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Spicy Mango Chicken

the recipe ↓ As you can tell from my last few recipes, I have been on an Asian food influence joy ride. To add I have also been craving those good old 5 for $1 pan fried dumplings from my Brooklyn neighborhood… dipped in a soy sauce and sriracha mixture. Besides wonderful strange cravings that have preoccupied my mind, job searching has also preoccupied my mind and I haven’t been sharing my recipes lately… I apologize for that traitor behavior…but alas … Continue reading Spicy Mango Chicken

Blue Cheese Stuffed Chicken Breast

This recipe is something that you can prepare in literately a few minutes, no blenders, no heavy tools, no magic stand mixers, just a sharp knife and a fork. As for the ingredients, well, you probably have them at home already or can pick them up just as quickly. By the looks of it you might say it looks a bit bland, some basil, some blue cheese… what’s this all about? How will this be tasty? It’s in the filling … Continue reading Blue Cheese Stuffed Chicken Breast

Buffalo Balls, Blue cheese dip, and Peri Peri Fries

Who remembers getting spicy, saucy, buffalo wings with a pitcher of beer? It’s such a common food relationship, don’t you think? Wings and beer, like pizza and cola or bread and butter. Now, I don’t turn down a buffalo wing when I have one in sight, but at home I rather not deep fry wings and smother them in sauce…unless I go back to being 22… then maybe I wouldn’t care so much. These buffalo balls are like buffalo wings … Continue reading Buffalo Balls, Blue cheese dip, and Peri Peri Fries

Colombian Arepas

I have to admit… I love corn, corn chips, corn muffins, corn dogs, corn on the cob..anything corn basically, ifs its made out of corn… I’ll eat it. I have sinfully walked into Caracas Arepa Bar http://www.caracasarepabar.com/index_2.php many times for a hot corn arepa filled with pulled pork and fresh avocados. I think I need a moment to… stop crying… stop salivating….move on.