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Turkey Coconut Curry

My cravings vary in weeks, some days I’ll make the same mundane food with nothing worth sharing (sorry guys), and some days I realize that I can make or attempt to make the food I miss at home. This turkey coconut curry recipe is from my Asian cravings week, it was a week of me cooking ramen soups, Thai mango chicken, curries, fried rice and several stir fries. One day, a coworker of mine, gave me an amazing packet of … Continue reading Turkey Coconut Curry

Pan Seared Tuna with Horseradish, Ginger & Lime

Let me introduce you to our Valentine’s Day dinner of seared tuna! I know I’m posting this later than I wanted, but I had leftover egg whites on my mind before. Oh and I had this happy thought on my mind, our puff pastry pizza as the first one on this week’s my pie monday on serious eats! Exciting and I only hope it brings some more food loving people on my page, love you guys!

Hangover Frittata Brunch

The title might say it all, but let me enlighten you how this awesome breakfast recipe got it’s name. It started the night before when my lovely husband was sitting up all night working on the back end of this blog for me. Its my first blog and I’m not a tech person, that’s where he comes in, that and being the official photographer of my food on this site…and lastly official food taster and food critic. Well it was … Continue reading Hangover Frittata Brunch

Mango Salsa

When you live in a place like London and most days are foggy, wet, grey, the mind wanders to thoughts of vacations, warm weather, tropics and of course sunshine. Since a beach day is way out of reach for me, and the tropics are even a farther stretch, that doesn’t mean I can’t close my eyes and eat something tropical to trick my mind, right? Maybe not, but hey it’s worth a try, I mean even the ingredients are smiling … Continue reading Mango Salsa